The roster for upcoming fighting game Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite has seemingly leaked, confirming if true that as many had expected, the X-Men will not feature in the game as they have in each release so far in the series.

NeoGAF user Ryce shared the roster yesterday (30 May), which shows 27 of the 28 fighters that will make up the roster, plus the suggestion that Dead Rising character Frank West will complete the Capcom side of things and Spider-Man villain Venom will be added as DLC.

The roster, which is incomplete but appears to show the bulk of characters, is below, and confirms a few absentees including the X-Men, Fantastic Four and for Capcom no fan-favourite characters such as Viewtiful Joe and Phoenix Wright.

It had been assumed that the dominance of prominent characters from Marvel's big-screen cinematic universe (MCU) would mean a focus on those properties the rights to which are owned by Marvel Studios.

The rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four movies reside with 20th Century Fox, which is why those characters have been marginalised by Marvel in recent years in favour of those that will help bring the company big returns at the box office.

Also absent are Black Panther and Black Widow, two major characters from the MCU. The lack of these characters also signals a noticeable lack of diversity on the roster, with just two women fighting for either side.

The characters could be added as part of the planned introduction of six fighters as paid DLC.

The roster below does not include Sigma, one of the game's villains, who is available as a pre-order bonus.

In April Capcom debuted a trailer setting up the game's plot, which will bring together the two worlds of characters. The game's villain will be a hybrid versions of Marvel villain Ultron and Mega-Man villain Sigma, called Ultron Sigma.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC on 19 September.

Here is the leaked roster...

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