A gang of three masked men kidnapped two young boys by forcing them into a van in Slough early yesterday morning (31 January) before releasing them. The two victims, aged six and 10, were forced to leave a property on the Britwell estate in the Berkshire town at 7am on New Year's Eve and driven around for several terrifying minutes.

They were finally allowed out of a white van driven by the men and ran uninjured to Hemming Way the street that they had been abducted from. Other individuals staying at the property were not disturbed by the men, who wore face coverings and dark clothing, according to Thames Valley Police.

The police are now investigating the motive behind the kidnapping and have appealed for any witnesses to the event to come forward. The authorities have now released CCTV footage of two people, who have been described as possibly being an adult and a child who may have seen either the van or the children fleeing their abductors.

Detective Inspector Nicola Hurdley, of Thames Valley Police, said: "I would appeal to the people captured in the CCTV, possibly an adult and child, who were walking in Upper Lees Road at about 7.20am to 7.25am to contact police immediately, because they may have vital information that can help our investigation."

Hurdley added: "Detectives are currently in the early stages of working to establish the circumstances and motive of this incident. Officers are currently patrolling in the area and anyone who has any concerns can approach officers and speak to them.

"The incident itself only lasted for several minutes and violence was not used against either victim. However, it is understandably upsetting for them and their relatives, given their young age, and officers are currently providing support to them."