Matthew Perry
An autopsy revealed that Matthew Perry died from "acute effects of ketamine" on October 28, 2023. Chris Delmas/AFP

It has been nearly two months since Matthew Perry died but talks about his past drug addiction still continue. Recently, one of his ex-girlfriends claimed that the actor glued his hands to his legs in a desperate attempt to stop himself from taking drugs.

Kayti Edwards dated the "Friends" star in 2006 and she also worked as his assistant in 2011 after they broke up. They have remained friends until his death on October 28. Recalling her past with the actor, she revealed that she once found him "in a bad way" during a visit to his Hollywood Hills home.

"He had been getting high all night on a plethora of drugs, most likely crack cocaine and other substances. I found Matthew on the couch with his hands superglued to his legs," she told The Sun.

Edwards called the situation "desperately sad" and recalled having to use nail polish remover and olive oil to remove his hands from his legs.

She shared: "We were literally ripping the hair from his legs and he had red, raw patches left behind, it was pretty horrific."

Edwards claimed that Perry "always had major drug problems" and "even when he was clean and going through rehab, he was still thinking about taking drugs". She said: "He would say, 'Let's go get some cocaine. What do you think about that? Ha, I'm just joking'. But I would say, 'Let's go get some lunch instead.'"

This is not the first time Edwards made the superglue claim and shared a similar recollection in an interview with InTouch Weekly in 2018. She said at the time: "I'm looking at him and he's high out of his mind, and he hadn't showered in like (nine) days or something and the guy has just superglued his hands to his legs."

She continued: "And he wants me to unstick him, and I have no idea, because I've never dealt with somebody whose superglued their hands to their legs."

Edwards said she had to search how to dissolve super glue to free his hands from his legs. In the process, Perry reportedly lost several layers of skin. She also said during that time that the actor had moved on from using pills and had been taking heavier drugs.

She admitted: "During the time that he was using crack and cocaine, he had locked himself in his house for three months. And as his friend, it was very hard to see him spiral down like that."

Perry was found dead at his Los Angeles home in his hot tub on October 28. An autopsy determined that he died from "acute effects of ketamine".