Matthew Perry
Julia Roberts said Matthew Perry's sudden death at the young age of 54 is "heartbreaking". Chris Delmas/AFP

Julia Roberts talked about the heartbreak of losing loved ones over a month since her ex-boyfriend Matthew Perry died on October 28. He was 54 years old.

The "Pretty Woman" star broke her silence on the actor's death during an interview with ET's Kevin Frazier to promote her new film "Leave the World Behind." She said the "sudden passing of anybody so young is heartbreaking".

"I think that, you know, it just helps all of us just appreciate what we have and to keep going in a positive way as best we can," Roberts added.

In the same interview, the actress also reminisced on her cameo appearance in "Friends". She guest starred as a childhood classmate of Perry's character, Chandler Bing in the 1996 episode titled: "The One After the Super Bowl."

"All good thoughts and feelings," she said of her experience on the sitcom and added: "They were all so welcoming to me as just a kind of a one-off character and it was a really fun time".

"Leave the World Behind" paid tribute to "Friends" which Roberts' co-star Mahershala Ali called a beautiful way to honour Perry's memory. He said: "It's beautiful he could sort of be honored in that way. Or the show sort of be honored, coincidentally, at this time. So it's kinda nice that it has a little space in there."

In his 2022 memoir "Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Things", Perry revealed that he and Roberts were in a "three-month-long courtship" when she appeared on "Friends". He said their relationship began when she was mulling over the prospect of appearing on the show and he had to convince her with flowers and letters.

"I sent her three dozen red roses and the card read: 'The only thing more exciting than the prospect of you doing the show is that I finally have an excuse to send you flowers,'" the actor wrote in excerpts obtained by ET.

He continued: "Three or four times a day I would sit by my fax machine and watch the piece of paper slowly revealing her next missive. I was so excited that some nights I would find myself out at some party sharing a flirtatious exchange with an attractive woman and cut the conversation short so I could race home and see if a new fax had arrived."

Perry said he was also captivated by Roberts' intellect. He wrote: "The way she strung sentences together, the way she saw the world, the way she articulated her unique thoughts, all was so captivating." He noted that by the time she appeared on "Friends" they were already a couple.