Meghan Markle may have to do a video deposition in response to a libel suit her estranged half-sister Samantha Markle filed against her.

The Duchess of Sussex is being sued for claims she allegedly made about her sibling during her Oprah interview in March 2021. In court documents, Samantha said that the royal made "false and malicious statements" including being an "only child" and her being "forced from the age of 13 to work in a series of low-paying jobs to 'make ends meet.'"

She also accused the former "Suits" actress of destroying her reputation after she told Winfrey that she has children from different fathers. The 57-year-old alleged that her estranged sister concocted a "false narrative and fairy-tale life story" and accused her of collaborating with the authors of "Finding Freedom."

However, Meghan Markle's legal team had said that the case is "without any merit" and said there are "no allegations" that the royal either wrote or controlled the book. Referring to the book, they said, "The authors of 'Finding Freedom' made the statements, and there are no allegations – nor could there be – that Meghan wrote that book or otherwise controlled its composition and editing."

Her attorneys have previously called the defamation case "baseless and absurd" and that it deserves "the minimum attention necessary." Thus, the Duchess of Sussex reportedly filed a 27-page court bid to dismiss the libel suit in Tampa, Florida.

But Samantha is not giving up and she has reportedly asked for the Duchess of Sussex to be grilled via video. Her lawyer Jamie Alan Sasson has every intention of taking the case to a jury trial.

He told The Mirror, "I feel confident we'll get past the motion to dismiss. We expect to start taking depositions in this case within the next six months."

Sasson added that Prince Harry may even be asked to give evidence because "he would have relevant information" although he could refuse to give testimony. If the questioning pushes through, then Meghan Markle could face seven hours of being grilled by a lawyer via video. She could reportedly also settle out of court with Samantha, who is seeking £60,000 for damages incurred.

Meghan Markle
Meghan's half-sister Samantha Markle said the family were always very close Samantha Markle/Instagram