A royal commentator claimed that Meghan Markle will likely be annoyed following revelations about how Prince Harry lost his virginity.

The Duke of Sussex's "first lover" to whom he lost his virginity when he was a teenager turned out to be Sasha Walpole. She used to work for King Charles III as a stable girl at Highgrove. She is just two years older than the 38-year-old royal, which means the Duchess of Sussex, at 41, is older.

Royal author Robert Jobson, who wrote the 2002 book "Diana: Closely Guarded Secret," said that Meghan Markle is probably not happy with Walpole for breaking her silence. He tweeted, "So it turns out Harry's 'older woman' (from his memoir 'Spare') is actually younger than his wife Meghan."

He also accused Walpole of telling her story for money and wrote, "Loving the interviews with Harry's 'older woman' in @TheSun & @mailplus - She seems down to earth telling 'her truth' for cash. Not sure Meg will like #SashaWalpole telling @piersmorgan @TalkTV that the Harry she knew seems under a spell. But 'H' started it by writing about her."

A netizen commented, "Why would Meghan care? Are you inferring she might have thought he was a virgin when they got together?"

Meanwhile, there were those who agreed with Jobson that Walpole just wanted to "cash in" on the hype of Prince Harry's "Spare" and wants her "15 minutes of fame." The duke never mentioned the woman's name for privacy.

One wrote, "So it appears Harry didn't actually name her. Now she has crawled out from under her stone to cash in on her 15 minutes of fame."

The spontaneous sexual encounter reportedly happened during Walpole's 19th birthday party while she and the young prince were both very drunk. They snuck out of the pub for cigarettes and were gone for 15 minutes but the romp lasted for just five minutes.

Walpole, now 40 and a mum of two, said she had kept the memory a secret for 21 years and was surprised to read about it in Prince Harry's memoir. She said she had wanted to leave a peaceful life but decided to open up about the experience herself so others would not make up stories.

Prince Harry's memoir called "Spare"
Prince Harry's memoir called "Spare" arrive on Jan. 10, 2023. Photo: Penguin Random House Penguin Random House