Michelle Keegan
Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright attend the National Television Awards in January, 2017 Getty

Michelle Keegan is getting candid about her "long distance" relationship with husband Mark Wright in an interview for the forthcoming issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine. This comes after several reports have claimed that Wright 'liked' racy photos of Rita Ora and wrestler Brie Bella.

The couple spent most of the year apart as she flew around the world filming the BBC drama Our Girl and he relocated to Los Angeles to work for Extra TV. Michelle explained to the magazine, "We're more patient with each other, laid-back, and don't sweat the small stuff. I think because we're really happy in our careers it helps with the relationship as well."

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The pair stayed in touch through FaceTime every single day, and the actress said "it was like he was in the room". She continued, "He'd have breakfast, I'd have dinner. He'd get in the shower, I'd do my scripts. It was the norm. We were [living at] different ends of the spectrum. I remember FaceTime-ing him surrounded by cattle and mud."

"He was in Nobu in Malibu having cocktails saying, 'Aw babe, look at the view!' I said, 'Do you want to see my view?'"

The 30-year-old recently returned from the US after spending some quality time with her husband. Despite spending the past few months in LA with her beau, she ruled out a permanent move, and confirmed, "I'm too much of a home-bod. I like going back just to breathe."

The former Coronation Street star spent eight months away from home last year when she filmed the second season of Our Girl, and it hasn't been easy for her.

She recalled, "The first month in South Africa, I struggled because you're trying to find your feet. You push yourself. I did eight months away – six-day weeks, and 14-hour days, working on top of a garbage heap. I did it!

"'It was the sense of missing out – my dogs, a birthday, a family meal or my best friend having a baby. I didn't think I'd be able to do it. It's given me the drive and push," she added.

The interview comes after the ITV presenter came under fire earlier this week when he was caught 'liking' racy snaps from glam wrestler Brie Bella and Rita Ora on Instagram. However, he unliked the photos afterwards.