A YouTube tutorial that teaches viewers how to transform themselves into a real life Barbie has become the most watched make up video on the site with nearly 60 million views.

The 8 and a half minute video, was created in 2009 by American YouTube star and make up artist Michelle Phan.

In the video Phan demonstrates on herself, the stages to becoming a living doll as she recreates Barbie's perfect, pink, plastic visage.

She includes helpful tips for the aspiring Barbie wannabe saying: "Barbie's skin is flawless so start off with acne serum that reduces blemishes and large pores."

She finishes the look with a bouncy, blonde wig.

Michelle Phan
Before: Phan shows the stages of her transformation as she becomes Barbie. Michelle Phan /YouTube

The video has captured the attention of YouTube fans around the world and has garnered 57 million views, more than any other beauty-based tutorial on the site.

Phan, who has more than seven million subscribers to her beauty channel, also scored impressive viewing figures for her Gaga-inspired tutorials in which she recreates the 'Lady Gaga Bad Romance Look' and 'Lady Gaga Poker Face Tutorial.'

They have each received 47 million and 34 million view respectively.

Speaking about the impact of her videos Phan said: "I showed people how they can transform their face. [Lady Gaga] really helped put me on the map."