Microsoft Lumia 950, 950 XL
Microsoft is rumoured to be working on a new Lumia smartphone series, which could comprise of flagship devices Reuters

Technology giant Microsoft, which witnessed the market share of its Windows Phone devices decline by 0.5% in the US, is rumoured to launch six new handsets later this year.

And reports suggest that the Redmond-based company has started working on these handsets.

As of May 2015, the market share of Windows Phone stood at a dismal 3.0% in the US, a decline of 0.5% in comparison to February 2015. Google's Android, with a 52.1% user base dominated mobile OS platforms in the country.

As statistics show Microsoft's first exclusively branded smartphone, the Lumia 535 -- launched in December 2014 -- failed to increase sales of Windows Phone, the company may be coming out with the latest range of devices as part of its new restructuring plan.

Moreover, Microsoft recently announced that it would axe 7,800 jobs in its mobile hardware business and wrote off $7.6bn against its purchase of Nokia's mobile phone business, as part of the restructuring exercise.

Now, technology tipster @evleaks has hinted that Microsoft may be streamlining its Windows Phone devices, and could roll out six new Lumia smartphones in the year ahead.

These devices are expected to cater to enterprises and people preferring to own high-end flagship handsets rather than traditional mid-range smartphones, Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella had earlier hinted.

The upcoming Lumia handsets are expected to feature multiple out-of-the-box innovations, as @evleaks has revealed that one of the device could feature a front-facing LED flash which could be a first for a Microsoft smartphone.

However, @evleaks did not mention any tech-specs of the purported new Lumia handsets.

Nonetheless, once the devices are made official, they are expected to challenge the likes of HTC, Samsung and even Apple, as Nadella had stated that "Microsoft will release smartphones to cater to flagship device buyers".

Further, as Microsoft has lined up the Windows 10 Mobile platform, after the PC version of Windows 10, most or all of the rumoured Lumia handsets could run Windows 10 out of the box.

Windows 10 for PC will be released worldwide, on 29 July and Insiders on Windows 7/8 will not require a Microsoft Account (MSA) integration to upgrade to the newer OS.