Microsoft comes under fire after it integrate ads into Bing Chat AI-powered Windows 11 Copilot. Pixabay

Microsoft is catching flak for slipping ads into Windows Copilot on Windows 11. These ads appear for specific search queries.

Also, the adverts are visible for some prompts, including "compare Amazon Prime with Netflix". Users will probably see adverts for Amazon Prime within Windows 11's Copilot interface in the abovementioned search queries.

This doesn't come as a surprise given that Windows Copilot uses Bing Chat within Microsoft Edge's WebView to operate. Now, it looks like Microsoft is following in the footsteps of its biggest rival Google by capitalising on ads within its platforms.

Despite being new, Bing Chat has managed to garner popularity in the AI communities, especially among those who do not like to spend a lot of money on DALL-E subscriptions and ChatGPT (GPT-4).

Windows Copilot is facing an angry backlash from users

It is worth noting that Microsoft Bing Chat introduced DALL-E 3, which brings major improvements over its predecessor, last month. While users aren't complaining about ads in Bing, they are not happy with ads showing on Windows Copilot.

To recap, Microsoft added the new Copilot virtual assistant to Windows 11 via an update last month. Apparently, Windows Copilot is a feature that's built into the Windows 11 OS.

Despite being boring and slow, the current preview of Windows Copilot is expected to get significant changes, including plugin support and integration with other Microsoft apps.

For example, Copilot will soon be able to summarise a Word document comprising thousands of words and multiple paragraphs. Copilot leverages Microsoft's AI work, including ChatGPT, Bing Chat and another LLM (large language model).

As a result, Copilot can effortlessly understand the context. On the downside, it is still not capable of opening apps using your voice or chat.

Unlike Cortana, Copilot is not designed to open Windows or launch apps. Nevertheless, it is a highly advantageous AI that's built into Windows. However, it still lacks full-fledged AI capabilities.

Is it possible to turn off ads in Windows Copilot?

You can't disable ads within Windows Copilot for the time being. Understandably, Microsoft is sparing no effort to take advantage of this feature and currently relies on it to stay relevant.

This is the company's way to generate revenue from Bing AI, which it currently offers for free. Although relatively new in the digital world, Bing Chat is gaining popularity among those who aren't willing to subscribe to paid AI platforms.

It is no secret that the tech giant's monetising strategy involves integrating ads, but it is imperative to strike a balance. Considering that users have already paid for the Windows OS, Microsoft should offer an option to turn off the ads within Copilot.