Windows 10 Mobile
Microsoft will release Windows 10 Mobile, to all existing Lumia users Reuters

Technology giant Microsoft, which recently released the preliminary list of Lumia smartphones eligible to receive Windows 10 Mobile, could indeed meet its target of seeding the smartphone version of Windows 10 to all Lumia handsets across the globe.

According to a Neowin report, that quotes an official Microsoft spokesperson, more Lumias apart from the list of handsets already announced to receive Windows 10 Mobile will get the OS update, thus adding clarity to otherwise confusing rumours about only specific Lumia handsets being eligible to receive Windows 10 Mobile as an OS update.

Microsoft had earlier stated, via Twitter, that it would release Windows 10 Mobile to all existing Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8, 8.1 running Lumia Denim.

However, according to a PCWorld report which points at Microsoft's latest Lumia Denim software update tracker, only 15 out of 18 Lumia smartphones have received Lumia Denim in the US.

Going by this trend, a delay in rolling out Windows 10 Mobile by these carriers should be anticipated by users in the US.

Nonetheless, updates to Windows 10 Mobile could be faster as an earlier ZDNet report has indicated that firmware upgrades to the OS could be released independent of wireless carriers in the US.

Currently, Windows 10 Mobile is speculated to be rolled out by Microsoft, in November. The Redmond-based company also recently shared the news that its engineers have completed a major portion of the developmental work on the OS thus making it feature-ready with only minor tweaks pending.

"The phone is significantly feature complete, but we'll continue to polish and tweak and iterate the things that still need to work. But in general, the broad feature set is set", stated Joe Belfiore, head-honcho of Microsoft Windows Phone.