Windows 10 Mobile
Windows 10 Mobile full version expected to be released during the end of next quarter, this year Reuters

Technology giant Microsoft, which recently announced that it will release the much expected full version of Windows 10 on 29 July this year, had also stated that it would release the full public version of Windows 10 for smartphones shortly after the PC version of Windows 10 goes live.

However, a timeline for the release of Windows 10 for smartphones termed Windows 10 Mobile had not surfaced, thus building up anticipation among Microsoft's smartphone users across the world.

Now, a report published in Neowin says, the Windows 10 Mobile could be launched as early as the end of September 2015.

The Neowin report refers to a slide, apparently presented by a Microsoft spokesperson to an affiliate. According to the information available Windows Mobile is expected to be released (in a full version format) late next quarter.

Going by this statement, Neowin estimates that users could get to see Windows 10 Mobile during the end of September 2015 or by early October 2015.

However, Microsoft loyalists across the world are advised to keep in mind the fact that the above information of Windows 10 Mobile being released during the end of next quarter, has seemingly been disseminated to only partners/affiliates of Microsoft . This could mean that these partner channels along with OEMs would initially get Windows 10 Mobile, and the actual release to general Windows Phone users would happen later as this process is dependent on the involvement of wireless carriers in various countries.

Nonetheless, countries in which OS updates are released directly without the involvement of wireless carriers could witness Windows 10 Mobile seeding by the end of next quarter, as stated above.

As of now, Windows 10 Mobile is being tested out by engineers at Microsoft, and Windows Phone users registered as Insiders will be the first to get a real-world analysis of the OS, before it enters the public release stage.

With regards to Windows 10 Mobile's release to existing users, there are reports that updates to this release could be seeded even independent of wireless carriers. This scenario gains relevance considering the fact that carriers, especially in the US, tend to delay the rollout of newer OS updates as the firmware undergoes multiple testing/technical approvals before being disseminated to smartphone users.

A ZDNet report that quotes a Microsoft spokesperson claims that the release schedule of Windows 10 Mobile updates will be in accordance with that of the PC release.

The ZDNet report further claims that network providers will still be eligible to test new features of software updates, and will be able to release new software to Windows Insiders.