Mischa Barton
A file image of the former O.C. actress Mischa Barton LOIC VENANCE/AFP/Getty Images

Mischa Barton told a Los Angeles court on Friday (30 June) that she is "terrified" of an ex-boyfriend who claims to have sex tapes of the 31-year-old actress. Barton has said the tapes are "doctored".

The former O.C. star said Adam Spaw had been "lurking" in her neighbourhood and has been trying to gain access to her, despite a temporary restraining order (TRO) granted in March legally preventing him from doing so.

"He doesn't seem to understand the TRO," Barton told LA County Superior Court Judge James Blancarte, according to the New York Daily News, adding that Spaw has texted and called her too.

"I definitely feel he's been stalking me," she said. "I look over my shoulder all the time when I'm walking. He's intimidating. He's 6-foot-4. I would be terrified to see him."

The judge extended Spaw's restraining order until 21 July when he will rule on making the ban permanent at a final hearing in the case. Spaw was not in attendance at Friday's hearing as he was visiting his sick mum, his lawyer said.

The ruling came as a separate legal case prevented Spaw from releasing the sex tape, which were recorded by a different ex-boyfriend named Jon Zacharias.

Zacharias and Spaw are said to know each other and Spaw allegedly acquired copies of the tapes while he and Barton were dating.

Barton told the court she found copies of the tapes – said to be of her in the shower – hidden in her house when their short relationship ended.

The material came to Barton's attention when a UK tabloid, Gossip Cop, said two men were trying to sell the video to porn companies for a starting price of $500,000 (£379,500).

Blancarte reminded Spaw's lawyer that releasing the tapes would be a breach of the restraining order and would constitute a crime.

An earlier court order placed a permanent restraining order against Zacharias, also preventing him from releasing the tapes.