Mob Wives season 6
Drita D'Avanzo and Big Ang talks big reunion and what to expect next in the series VH1

Fan favorite Mob Wives Drita D'Avanzo and Big Ang dished on the big reunion episode last week, and talks what to expect in season 6.

Ang in an interview with Wetpaint dished on the scenes that "annoyed" her and we didn't get to see because of the drama between the Philly girls Natalie Guercio and Natalie Didonato.

Big Ang said, "I film so many great things with my family and nothing was on. I think the show was all about them [the feud between the two Natalies]."

They kind of took over the season, she added.

The ladies explained how Karen Gravano's season 5 return changed the dynamic.

Anything new does well, said Drita on Karen's comeback, and added, "that when she came back, she bought the drama."

There are a lot of rumors about who is returning for season 6, assuming VH1 renews the show.

"I think bringing new girls on the show, boost the show ratings because no one wants to see the old fight. But I don't understand where there are no Brooklyn Jersey girls, they are right next to us, they are neighbours, where are they?" said Drita.

The entire season 5 almost centered on the running feud between the two Natalies, which is why some of the other cast members of the show are planning to put a stop to the petty quarrel if the show will be picked up for another season.

In an interview with OK! Magazine, original cast member Renee Graziano promised that she will do everything to put a stop to the feuding Natalie Guercio and Natalie Didonato, in Mob Wives season 6.

Graziano said, "No, I won't be having that next season. Even if the old Renee has got to come back, I'm going to step outside, have a conversation with God and control that. There needs to be a line of respect. And if those two girls want to do whatever they want, they have to do it on their own."

She added, "This is more about family, what has happened to our lives because of the lifestyle we chose. This ain't about a bunch of girls fist fighting, calling each other 'bitch' and 'whore'. It's not about that."

Angela Big Ang Raiola also shared the same sentiments with Graziano, saying that the show needs to focus more on the other wives and not just on the two fighting ladies.

"We want it to be about us," Ang said.