Moto X 1 At&T
The image that was grabbed on the Moto Maker Page

In another incident of carelessness, Motorola has now accidentally revealed the pricing of its upcoming Moto X+1 handset. This news comes only days after it accidentally confirmed the name of the handset on its Moto Maker page through a placeholder.

According to BGR, which cites information from a DroidLife report, an image which was posted on a page (no longer available) shows a phone along with its pricing, confirming that the Moto X+1 will cost $400 for AT&T.

Upon closer observation, it can be noticed that the handset in the above image appears to be the original Moto X, instead of its successor. There is no information on whether this model will be sold by Verizon and Sprint.

The report goes on to confirm that the Moto X+1 will indeed have black, blue, grey, and red leather options. Apart from this, it appears as though the handset will be available on Moto Maker as well.

DroidLife adds that the Moto X+1 "has been attached to all current Moto X options, including front plates, back plates, storage sizes, accents, cases, and of course, carriers."

The handset was first leaked by reputed tipster @evleaks on 6 April.

Motorola is holding an event in London on 13 May to launch a new phone. As the company hasn't offered any specific information on what they will be launching, there is widespread speculation that it could be the recently leaked Moto E. A recent leak indicated that the Moto E might just be cheaper than the Moto G.

However, there's also a slim chance that the company might launch the Moto X+1 at this event.