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Mindy Kaling is pregnant with her first child Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Hulu

Mindy Kaling nursed a baby bump in season 3 of The Mindy Project, but now the actress will be growing one for real. According to E! News, the 38-year-old is expecting her first child and sources are calling it an "unexpected surprise".

While the comedian is happy to share the good news with her friends and family, she allegedly is still unwilling to reveal who the father of the baby is. "She just started telling her friends she is pregnant," a source told People Magazine, but "she is not telling anyone, not even close friends, who the father is".

Kaling has kept her dating life a secret for some time now and was last in a relationship with Office co-star B.J. Novak. The romance which started in 2005 met a dead end by 2007.

The daughter of Indian immigrants, Kaling previously expressed concerns about her chances of getting pregnant and worried about her age getting in the way of being a mother. "What if my kids are really young when I die because I waited too long to have them?" she wrote in her second memoir Why Not Me?

At the time, she told Yahoo! Style that she would be "fast and loose" about having children.

"I'm going to not actively plan, but if it happens, it would happen," she explained. "I'm not cavalier about who I would have a kid with. But the thing I ask every parent that I really admire, the one comment they all have is that they wish they had kids earlier."

Kaling is currently working on A Wrinkle In Time, a fantasy adventure directed by Ava DuVernay and co-starring Oprah Winfrey, Chris Pine and Reese Witherspoon. The film is currently in its post-production phase and is slotted to release in cinemas in the US on 9 March and UK on 23 March, 2018.

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