Several mosques across London have received Islamophobic letters and threats to "cleanse" the capital of Muslims in the wake of the Finsbury Park terror attack.

According to campaign group Documenting Oppression Against Muslims (DOAM), letters containing bomb threats and warnings of upcoming attacks have been sent to mosques in Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Forest Gate.

One letter, sent to the Coventry Cross mosque in Tower Hamlets, read: "I will be visiting your mosque and home very soon. History will refer to the upcoming event as 'the great cleanse of London'.

"Whites are a minority in London right now. Not for much longer."

Another letter to the Shacklewell Lane mosque in north-east London warns there will be an attack in August, adding "Muslim blood tastes particularly sweet".

The letters arrived after Finsbury Park Mosque – the target of a terrorist attack on 19 June which left one dead and 10 others injured – also received similar threats and warning of a repeat attack in August.

The letter, seen by Vice News, read: "The attack using the van was only the beginning. The fun will continue this August. There will be rivers of blood flowing down the streets — I will make sure of this. None of you vermin will survive. I mean, who would survive being gassed, or beheaded, or blown up."

Another message demanded that the mosque pay more than £18,000 to repair the van used in the attack.

Tell Mama, an organisation which documents hate crimes against Muslims in the UK, said they have been made aware of the letters sent to the various mosques which they say seek to "promote fear and intimidate".

A spokesperson added: "We understand that the letters threaten demonstrations outside mosques and are signed off using people's names. This is a malicious campaign that we believe, is simply meant to cause fear.

"We cannot have any community intimidated in our country whose values are based on pluralism and on the rule of law. Rest assured that we within Tell MAMA will work with statutory, police and Government partners to ensure the safety of Muslim communities, whilst also ensuring that we stand together with all communities in our desire to tackle hatred, prejudice and intolerance."

The Metropolitan Police said they received reports of the letters and are investigating.

 Finsbury Park Mosque
People attend a vigil outside Finsbury Park Mosque in north London Getty