Amber Rose
Amber Rose launched her own set of emojis named MuvaMoji on 30 March Jason Merritt/Getty

Amber Rose has clearly made a smart business move as the model has reportedly earned around $6m (£4.1m) from releasing her own emoji keyboard. The MuvaMoji app, which launched on 30 March, boasts a wide range of emoticons including Rose dancing on a stripper pole, marijuana and a woman dressed in stockings.

According to TMZ, the 32-year-old signed a $4m contract to create the emoji range beforehand, meaning the venture had already proved lucrative by the time it was unveiled. However after the big unveiling, MuvaMoji is said to have cashed in $2m in just 24 hours and Rose is expected to earn a large chunk of the profits.

Just a few hours after the launch, MuvaMoji had topped the iTunes chart pushing popular apps like MineCraft and Face Swap into second and third place. Many have accused Rose of copying Kim Kardashian's Kimoji keyboard, which debuted in December 2015 and broke the Apple store with thousands rushing to download the emojis.

However, Rose is said to be "confident" that the emojis are unique to her personality. US rapper The Game has also jumped on the emoji bandwagon, releasing his own set in January 2016 featuring pole dancers, Mexican drug lord El Chapo and homages to his hometown of Compton, California.

The competition between Rose and Kardashian, 35, may be fierce in the business stakes but there is nothing but unity between the former rivals. Several weeks after ending their years of public feuding, Rose has now invited the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality star to take part in her SlutWalk.

Rose told UsWeekly: "I think that it will be a great time. If she wants to tell her story, I think that would be awesome too. I think she got slut-shamed a lot and I think she has a really cool story to tell, so if she went on stage and told her story and really let people know she is human, and she was in love at one time and she made a mistake, and s**t happens and it shouldn't be the rest of her."