Uncharted 4 PS4
Nathan Drake looks out over a beautiful island to be explored in A Thief's End. Sony

As expected, it seems Naughty Dog is done with the swashbuckling Uncharted series, with just the release of standalone Uncharted 4 expansion The Lost Legacy to come later this year.

The language around last year's Uncharted 4: A Thief's End suggested it would mark the end of hero Nathan Drake's story, and probably the developer's involvement in the hit PlayStation series.

Now however, Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells is talking about the future in more concrete terms. Speaking to Game Informer, he said it is "unlikely" the team will return to the franchise.

"I would say that Naughty Dog doing an Uncharted after [The Lost Legacy] is unlikely," he explained. "I would never say never, but we've got The Last of Us: Part 2 on our plates and there's so much other stuff that [we want to explore].

"It'd be hard. If we magically had that two-team, three-team studio, sure – it'd be great to keep doing it. We really love the franchise, but the studio has limited resources and lots of other ideas. I'd say the likelihood is low."

The Lost Legacy is the single player, story-led expansion promised prior to the release of A Thief's End. First revealed at PlayStation Experience (PSX) 2016, the standalone release will follow Uncharted favourite Chloe Frazer and Uncharted 4 villain Nadine Ross.

At the same event, Naughty Dog revealed the debut trailer for The Last of Us: Part 2, the follow-up to 2015's instant classic survival drama. That game isn't likely to see a release until 2018.

Alongside the interview, Game Informer also revealed first details of The Lost Legacy's plot.

Chloe, who players will control as in the game, has hired Nadine to work alongside her because of her ties to The Lost Legacy's villain, a man named Asav. All three are hunting down a priceless jewel called the Tusk, created to honour the Hindu god Ganesh.

Right now, The Lost Legacy doesn't have a release date, but it is expected to launch later this year.

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