NCIS season 14
Gibbs with his team in NCIS season 14 CBS

NCIS fans will have to wait until March for a new episode, as the show will take a break this week. Episode 17 of the CBS show's 14th season, is titled What Lies Above and will air on 7 March, 2017, at 8pm EST.

After McGee stops a robbery in progress at his apartment, the NCIS team learns that the previous tenant, who is a convicted criminal, has hidden something of great value in the house in the upcoming episode of the show. The official synopsis for the chapter reads as follows:

McGee discovers his apartment has been torn apart by a robber trying to locate an item of great value hidden somewhere by the convicted criminal who previously owned the unit. Also, Congresswoman Flemming (Mary Stuart Masterson) tries to persuade Director Vance to pursue a career in politics.

In the previous episode, Bishop got revenge against her boyfriend's killer, but it did not sit well with Gibbs. She took down Chen, the Chinese businessman responsible for Qasim's murder, by going rogue. The episode ended with Gibbs warning Bishop that there's "a price to pay" for her risky venture.

Emily Wickersham spoke to TV Line about the Bishop centred episode and of the "understanding" between her and Gibbs. She told the outlet, "I was so excited about this script because it's fun when you get a meaty episode that is focused on your character — and in particular, in this one, getting to go after Chen. But my favorite part was being able to explore and show the audience Bishop's relationship with Qasim. That was really cool.

Speaking about that Gibbs-Bishop moment, Wickersham said, "I'm so curious about that myself, because at the end of the episode there's this mutual understanding between Bishop and Gibbs. The thing is that Gibbs would have done the same thing, even though it wasn't "right" or abiding by the rules. So I'm sure it will weigh on her internally, emotionally and all that. But I'm kind of curious if work-wise there are consequences."

NCIS season 14
Emily Wickersham as Bishop in NCIS season 14 CBS