A four-month-old baby was miraculously rescued after 22 hours of being stuck under wreckage during a search for survivors in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake.

Army officers who were reportedly searching for survivors under the rubble of a destroyed building in the Bhaktapur town first missed the baby, identified as Sonit Awal, but later came to his rescue after hearing faint cries.

The baby, found covered in dust, was eventually rescued by officers who searched the entire area again, reported The Independent.

Initial medical examinations revealed Awal to be in a stable condition without any serious injuries.

Miraculous survivals

In other news of miraculous survivals, a man was pulled out of a building wreckage on the outskirts of capital Kathmandu after being stuck under for nearly 80 hours, reported CNN.

The man, identified as Rishi Khanal, was rescued after 10 hours of French search and rescue team digging through concrete rubble, said Pushparam K.C., a spokesman for the Armed Police Force of Nepal.

"It seems he survived by sheer willpower," said Akhilesh Shrestha, a doctor who treated Khanal, reported Reuters.

UN launches appeal for survivors

Meanwhile, the UN has launched a $415m (£270m) appeal for the Nepal earthquake survivors.

UN's resident co-ordinator for Nepal, Jamie McGoldrick, said, reported BBC News: "Although I am heartened and encouraged by the progress of the response to date, efforts need to be maintained and stepped up to ensure vital assistance reaches all the affected, especially those in the remote areas."

The 7.8-magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal on Saturday (25 April) already has a death toll of over 5,000 people with at least 10,000 reported injured and 70,000 houses destroyed.

According to the UN, people in remote areas remain stranded without basic needs, like water, shelter and food.