Google Pixel 7 Pro
Google Pixel 7a hands-on images leaked again. Pixabay

Still riding high on the success of its Pixel 7 series smartphones, Google is reportedly gearing up to launch a more affordable Pixel 7a in the coming months. To recall, the Pixel 6a garnered huge popularity among budget-conscious buyers. So, the American tech giant is understandably gearing up to unveil its much-awaited successor.

As mentioned earlier, the Google Pixel 7a isn't likely to see the light of the day anytime soon. Yet, the device has already made multiple appearances online through leaks. In February, some official-looking images of the Pixel 7a TPU case popped up online. Likewise, a hands-on video of the upcoming handset surfaced online earlier this year.

Google Pixel 7a leaked again

While Google has neither confirmed nor denied these rumours, the search engine giant will probably put them to rest before the phone's launch. In the meantime, a new leak has revealed the design of the Google Pixel 7a in full glory. Zing News recently showcased the alleged Pixel 7a from every angle. Also, the hands-on seems to have shed some light on the phone's internal hardware.

The recently leaked device seems to be the same device spotted in a Vietnamese Facebook group in January. The report shows the Pixel 7a's screen and has more information about the phone than the previous leak. The photos show a predictable Pixel 7a design, which resembles the Pixel 7 series. The Pixel 7a sports a rear camera bar with a couple of cutouts for the lenses.

Google Pixel 7a expected specifications

The front panel of the handset has a thicker bezel, like the Pixel 6a. This is also the most notable difference between the upcoming mid-range phone and the Pixel 7 series duo. Regrettably, Zing News failed to turn the Pixel 7a on properly. According to the report, this phone is a test machine for programmers. Still, some hardware specs were revealed via fast boot.

The Pixel 7a has 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. For comparison, last year's Pixel A-series phone shipped with 6GB of RAM. Furthermore, the phone's original owner found that the device supports a refresh rate of 90Hz before the search engine giant remotely locates it. Also, the rear panel houses two 12MP cameras.

Other noteworthy features include a single SIM slot and USB-C charging. The device sports a 6.1-inch display and is housed in a metal frame with glass sides. Aside from this, there's waterproofing around the SIM tray. On the downside, the Pixel 7a lacks the headphone jack like all previously launched A-series Pixel phones since the Pixel 5a.

However, this information should be taken with a grain of salt. It is unclear whether the Pixel 7a will boast these specs since the leaked device is a developer model. Still, it gives us an idea of what the next Pixel A-series phone could offer. For instance, the new leak indicates Google will bring upgraded RAM and refresh rate to the Pixel 6a successor.

It will be interesting to see whether the Pixel 7a will cost more or less the same as its precursor. Past leaks claim the phone will pack a new Tensor 2 chipset under the hood. The newfangled processor will provide improved security paired with enhanced machine learning capabilities. According to a report by 9To5Google, the phone will house a Samsung GN1 50MP sensor on the back.

Notably, the Pixel 6 features the same sensor. However, Zing News' report disagrees with this speculation. Google will probably unveil the Pixel 7a at the Google I/O 2023, slated to kick off on May 10. The company is expected to divulge details about its software and hardware plans for 2024 at the event. So, it is the best platform to announce a new phone. Moreover, Google is known for announcing new smartphones during Google I/O.