Mass Effect Andromeda
BioWare's latest Andromeda Initiative briefing video takes fans inside the Normandy's replacement, the Tempest. BioWare

BioWare has released a new Andromeda Initiative briefing video giving eager fans a glimpse of its upcoming sci-fi RPG Mass Effect: Andromeda's new vehicles — the Tempest and Nomad. Titled the Tempest and Nomad Briefing, the video is the third in the Andromeda Initiative's series of six trailers giving recruits insight into the brand new galaxy they will soon explore.

Narrated by the Salarian pilot Kallo Jath, the trailer explores the interiors and unique features of the Tempest, the "light, stealthy" replacement for the Mass Effect trilogy's Normandy that's "easily the fastest ship in her class". While the Tempest isn't "weighed down" by heavy armour or a main gun, Jath assures players that "anything we can't outrun will have a tough time finding us".

"Between missions, pathfinders will call the Tempest home and everything in our home is state-of-the-art," Jath explains, walking viewers through the various slick areas of the ship such as the research room, tech and bio labs, its armoury, the bridge and the cargo bay that houses the six-wheeled, all-terrain vehicle called the Nomad.

"With twin hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells powering an element zero core, independent suspension for each wheel and interchangeable four or six-wheel drive, she comes equipped with a rear fuel injection boost to propel you forward," Jath says. "In any tight spots, Helium-3 microthrusters beneath the vehicle are on hand to blast you clear."

The adaptable, terrestrial vehicle also includes paint jobs allowing you to customise the Nomad based on your environment. With the Nomad, players will also be able to explore the surfaces of the new and diverse planets in Andromeda and deploy mining drones to scan them for valuable resources.

Series producer Mike Gamble previously said the Nomad "handles better, drives better, cascades better" and "has all the nimbleness that the original Mako did without any of the frustrations".

Players who do watch all six Andromeda Initiative briefing videos and complete the training can unlock an exclusive Pathfinder-Grade helmet in the upcoming game.

Lead designer Ian Frazier recently teased that the "odds" of BioWare releasing details about Andromeda's multiplayer beta test before the end of January "are good". Aaryn Flynn, the studio's general manager, said the sci-fi adventure's PC specs should come out sometime next month as well.

"Mass Effect: Andromeda is our most ambitious Mass Effect game to date," Flynn wrote in a blog post announcing the game's long-awaited release date. "We're telling completely new stories, creating new characters, new planets, new species, and introducing new gameplay systems... We're excited about how far we are going with the franchise, and we hope you find it's been worth the wait."

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to release on 21 March in the United States and 23 March in Europe for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.