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While her raunchy Paper magazine photos in various stages of undress sent fans into a frenzy, Nicki Minaj also ended up drawing flak over the photoshoot.

After The Talk hosts Eve Jeffers Cooper and Sharon Osbourne's no-holds-barred criticism, Wendy Williams has joined the bandwagon to give her take on the photos. And the 53-year-old TV star did not mince words when it came to Minaj's 'break the internet' images.

"This is the front cover... Nicki is giving herself oral sex on herself, while [she] herself encourages it," said Williams, pulling out a censored photo from Minaj's raunchy set during the "Hot Topic" segment of her hit show.

"Does this mean, 'I love me so much I can't take it anymore?'" the Wendy Williams show host continued, before giving her final verdict on the Anaconda singer's photoseries to her packed studio audience.

"I don't like the cover. I think she's trying too hard," she was quoted as saying by Hollywood Life.

Earlier on Wednesday, 15 November, Minaj debuted her eye-catching cover for the winter issue via Instagram – a glimpse of which was also shared on the official account of the magazine.

Click here to view the photos (needless to say, the snaps are NSFW).

Continuing with the discussion, Williams considered the reasons that could have prompted the 34-year-old singer to take the bold step. In the process, the talk show host drew up a list of all of Minaj's rivals – from Cardi B to Lil Kim.

"I get in a Cardi B world, you've been here for a moment and you're trying to retain your position in rap music and stuff," she stated. "I get it, Remy Ma is on your tail and Lil Kim is about to do something awful. Nicki's about to come out with an album, 'Sink or Swim', and this is her way of swimming.

"It's desperate and distasteful," Williams said. "This cover makes Kim [Kardashian] look like a kindergartener. This has gone too far."

The 'break the internet' phenomenon was originally coined for reality TV's favourite star, Kim Kardashian, and when Minaj released her cover photos, comparisons between the two were inevitable.

In fact, the KUWTK star sealed her approval with fire emojis in the comments section of Minaj's photo on Instagram.

Check out some of Kardashian's 'break the internet' moments from the past below:

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