NIght Cable

Over the last few years, users of smartphones have been conditioned by manufacturers to expect nothing more than a day of charge from their devices. Owing to this, you find yourself charging your phone multiple times every day. A new product called Night Cable, which can be considered as an extremely practical iPhone accessory, hopes to make your smartphone charging experience more convenient and comfortable.

Night Cable's most important feature is that it has a generous cord that's 10 feet or 3m long. Apart from this, it also has a neat movable weighted knot that can keep the cable in position on any flat surface, such as your night stand, as you left it in the morning. Night Cable is also braided, allowing it to feel great, like a premium product.

The benefits of the product include the ability to consume content on a device (that's being charged) from a distance without getting uncomfortable, while the weighted knot feature ensures that the cable can be left unharmed on a flat surface without incurring damage.

Night Cable comes in two variants, either with a Lightning connector for iOS devices or micro USB head for Android (and other compatible) gadgets. Choosing from either variant will put you back by about $39.99, with the iPhone model available in three colour choices, and the micro USB model being available in only one colour option.

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