The vampire diaries actors Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev and  Ian Somerhalder
The Vampire Diaries actors Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder Getty Images

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder have reportedly asked The Vampire Diaries producers to give them less screen space in the show.

The on-screen and off-screen couple dated for many years, but their breakup caused many issues for The Vampire Diaries.

According to a report in Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the writers have reportedly tried their best to keep Nina's character, Elena Gilbert, and Ian's character, Damon Salvatore, apart following requests from the actors.

"It's next to impossible to fake chemistry with someone you hate, although that hate sometimes comes across as a fiery passion on screen", the report said.

Thus, in the mid-season finale episode of The Vampire Diaires we saw Kai taking Elena as prison by casting a clock spell thereby preventing Elena from getting back together with Damon.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Dobrev is breaking up with her alleged boyfriend Mark Foster, and the reason is apparently her movie career.

Nina keeping Mark Foster away from the press isn't necessarily because of privacy, but rather because she can't commit to him, the report said.

There are rumours that Nina has been told to stay single in the eyes of the media especially as the Vampire Diaries comes to an end.

The report also said that, "Nina's attempts to become a movie star, and if she really wants to increase her fan base [especially among the non-Vampire Diaries watching male demographic], then she might have to suck up some of her ideals and play along."

So, there is a possibility that Nina will be forced to stay single in the eyes of her fans to gain popularity which will help her career.

Meanwhile, rumours are swirling that Ian is planning to marry his girlfriend, Nikki Reed.

An insider told Lifeandstyle Magazine: "Nikki's been telling pals that they're talking about marriage."

Nikki was also spotted with Ian's mom, Edna, in Los Angeles in the past weeks.

"They were picking out holidays gifts for Ian when Nikki ran into a friend of hers," the insider said.

"She introduced Ian's mom as her 'future mother-in-law!'"