Once Upon A Time Season 4
Elsa, Emma and Hook in Once upon a time ABC

Once Upon a Time's Sunday episode ended with Rumpelstiltskin ripping Hook's heart out!

In the two hour episode Smash The Mirror, Emma turns to Rumple for help with her powers, after she unknowingly hurts Henry.

Hook unsuccessfully attempts to stop Rumple from stealing her powers, but Elsa later helps Emma get her powers under control, thus ruining Gold's plan. But Gold had his eye on getting the other ingredient he needs to rid himself of the dagger: the heart of someone who knew him before he was the Dark One.

The only person alive from that era is Hook, whose heart is swiftly ripped out. Though he is not dead yet, Rumple vows to kill Hook after he is done with his services.

"Hook firmly believes that Rumpelstiltskin is going to kill him," Colin O'Donoghue told Tvline.

"He has to do whatever Rumple tells him to, but he can't help but miss the idea of not having Emma. He's desperate to try and figure out a way to survive, but for somebody who prides himself on being a survivor, this is the last grasp."

However, at the end Emma senses something is wrong with Hook, but she doesn't realise yet that The Captain is Rumple's puppet now.

"She senses something, but she doesn't have time to figure out," Jennifer Morrison teased, noting that Hook's lack of heart won't necessarily change things between them.

"As we've established before, Regina [Lana Parrilla] spent a long time without her heart and it didn't stop her from loving Henry [Jared Gilmore] or Robin Hood [Sean Maguire]."

Morrison continued, "Hook doesn't cease being Hook and doesn't cease having the feelings that he has for Emma. He's just blackmailed into a circumstance where Gold can, at any moment, control him. He hates having this secret from Emma and he doesn't know what it means in the long run, what she would do if she found out this secret."

Rumple will also use Hook to get his way in the upcoming episode.

"He uses Hook as a hit man to get [other magical beings]," O'Donoghue revealed.

"He really doesn't want to have to do that, and it's killing him to have to pretend to Emma that everything is okay. Hook does some things that he really doesn't want to and wishes that he didn't have to. He's remorseful for that, but he has no choice."

Once upon a Time Season 4 episode 9 titled Run will air on 30 November, on ABC network.

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