Will I ever wake up?

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Singer-songwriter Teddy Geiger is in the process of transitioning .The music producer revealed the personal news on social media.

The music star who has penned hits for Shawn Mendes and One Direction and released a debut album Underage Thinking which reached the top ten in in the Billboard 200 in 2006, was responding to a fan who asked the singer about a recent change in appearance.

Sharing a screenshot of their reply to the fan's comment, Geiger said: "Okay...because u asked nicely... I am transitioning. I started talking about it with a couple of my close friends and family about a month ago and it's given me the courage to start the process.

"I feel like the next step is to tell y'all. So here goes. Love it or hate this is who I have been for a looooong time. I love u guys. Talk sooooon byeeee."

The 29-year-old was flooded with supportive comments from friends such as Shawn Mendes and fans who applauded his decision to open up publicly about his transition.

Geiger reacted to the overwhelming public support with a selfie captioned: "Woke up to so much love. I have the best friends."



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The artist wrote two songs for One Direction, namely Little Black Dress in 2013 and Where Do Broken Hearts go in 2014.

In 2015 Teddy co-wrote Shawn Mendes hit Stitches which debuted at number 1 in the US and Canada and went multi-platinum. This year Geiger has written songs for Mendes, Maroon 5, and James Blunt.

The Canadian singer was among those leaving supportive messages for Geiger.

The musician has also made multiple television and film appearances including Love Monkey in 2006 and The Rocker in 2008.