OnePlus 3 delivery delays in the UK
Consumers experiencing delay in OnePlus 3 delivery in the UK OnePlus

As the demand for the newly launched OnePlus 3 in the UK has gone beyond expectations, a number of customers in the country are facing delays in the delivery of their handset which is now available for purchase at £309, without any invites. The company has revealed the reasons for the delay, and promises to make deliveries soon.

OnePlus says the delay is due to a schedule misalignment between devices and accessories in the UK caused by customs duty issues.

The company is making refunds on accessories and any priority shipping paid for and dispatching devices directly along with vouchers worth £8 for next orders.

OnePlus further said it experienced output delays from its factory as a result of which the rate of replenishment for the UK has taken a slightly longer time. Although the dispatch estimates have increased, OnePlus promises to make more stocks available this week and would start shipping by Thursday (30 June).

The company said it will contact customers who have been waiting for deliveries for two weeks via email and issue a voucher for £16, without any minimum order for free shipping for their next orders. The company promises to get back to normal processing time from next week.

It appears that the vouchers have already been sent with the discounts for most users. The company advises users to check their spam folder and whitelist all emails coming from the address for future communication.

As for those who have decided to cancel their orders and are waiting to get refunds, PayPal refunds take at least seven days and credit card refunds can take up to 5-28 days, depending on the billing cycle.

Those users who have not received any email with a voucher, or redeemed their voucher and paid for shipping, or are still waiting for orders to be dispatched are requested to fill in the form here and the company promises to get back with a solution within 48 hours.

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