Cyanogen OS 12.1
Cyanogen OS 12.1 update improves stability and performance Twitter/Cyanogen

With the wider availability of Cyanogen OS 12.1 that started with the OnePlus One smartphone on 26 August, users have been flagging issues after the update that brings YOG4PAS1N0 build. Some of these are generic and usually crop up after rollout. OnePlus forum members have come up with fixes for them. Following is a consolidated list of issues and their fixes:

Vertical layout launcher

If you don't want the vertical layout of the launcher, just long press on the home screen and then press two dot menus (appearing like this ^) to expand Settings. Now click on Layout, which can be found under Drawer Settings>> Profile. The value will be changed from Vertical to Paged.

Remove bloats:

The Cyanogen OS 12.1 brings a host of features – the Cyanogen browser, TrueCaller, Boxer Email and Calendar. But if you want your device to be bloatware- free you may always choose to uninstall the app, without any need of rooting.

Bing on homepage:

If you don't like the Bing browser on the homepage, you have the option to change it from Settings>> homepage. Note that Bing will be set on the homepage, even though you have installed Chrome. You need to remove this every time.

Disable Cyanogen recovery:

Every time you boot, you get Cyanogen recovery, as the stock update brings it. If your device is having a custom recovery this would be a little annoying. But you may disable it by going to Developer Options and uncheck Update Cyanogen Recovery.

CM recording via Xposed module:

The stock 12.1 update wipes out the call recording feature through Xposed. But if you are really fond of this, try out some apps from the Play Store.

Fix low battery life:
Use the following custom kernel for battery saving:

  • Install AK Kernel build AK303
  • Install UKM
  • Download and install build.prop file
  • Reboot your phone after the once you have flashed the above files, download and install Synapse app from Play Store
  • Download this Stylo King Smartmax V11
  • Use ES File Explorer or CM File Explorer to copy the tgz file from the download folder to /sdcard /synapse /saved_profiles
  • Open Synapse> go to Profile>> scroll down and press Restart Synapse>> once the app relaunches, go to Profile again>> select StyloKing profile>> click the checkmark on the top right. When the checkmark disappears, select restore profile and when the app restarts, click the X button on the top right
  • Upon the completion of the above process, restart the phone.

Re-root OnePlus One:
Flash SuperSU root package via TWRP recovery to root your phone.

Mobile data issue:
Inconsistent mobile data problem is not limited to Cyanogen OS 12.1; a number of other ROMs such as Slim ROMs also have this. The new 241 baseband is to be blamed in such cases. To fix this perform the following.

  • You should be having TWRP installed
  • Flash the 44S modem from KitKat
  • As the above modem will break the proximity sensor, flash this patch

Disable unnecessary services:
Download and install My Android Tools and disable the services.

Install Xposed:
To get Xposed, flash this file via TWRP recovery and boot into system and install the apk from here. Hopefully, the above resolution should be helpful enough; if not, then head over to the OnePlus discussion thread over here and here.