It has been a year since the OnePlus launched their first smartphone, calling it a "flagship killer" device. While the company has already confirmed the successor to it is coming in as early as the third quarter of this year, the current device will phase out then.

However, you can always keep your OnePlus One new as always in terms of look and feel, by following the tips shared by the users of the device itself. Check out the following list for cleansing your device.

Important apps/widgets on home screen

The home screen of the smartphone is where all the action happens and therefore, you should keep only necessary apps and widgets there for optimal performance. Use Aviate Launcher to do this for you.

What you should not do

It is advised to install a third-party app designed to free-up memory, boost battery life and even sweep unwanted data. In earlier Android versions, such apps might have been ineffective, but the latest Android version is much more intuitive and effective in terms of uninstalling apps and unnecessary data. Deleting such apps will make the device lighter and smoother.

Clear browsing data

If you use Google Chrome for browsing, just open the app and select menu button (three dots)>> History>> Clear browsing data.

Clear cached data

This process will, hopefully, resolve a lot of issues. Navigate to Settings>> Storage>> Cached data then select OK, when asked to clear data. This is usually the place where all your temporary data is stored. Clearing this data should make some more space on your OnePlus One.

Remove unwanted apps

It's a good practice to open the app drawer at regular intervals and keep only the ones that are important for you. Besides, performing factory reset on regular basis is reported to be useful to re-evaluate whether you need all the apps.

Close apps

Find your recent apps switcher to display open apps and screens. Swipe each app left or, right to close them individually or, you can close all apps by tapping the icon in the top right corner. It is recommended to perform this once or, several times a day. This tip has been shared by OnePlus UX designers, Arz.

A clean slate

Always keep your phone clean from the outer surface. Several users have suggested the use of an anti-static microfiber cleaning cloth to clean the phone's screen from fingerprints and grim. Additionally, you can use screen protectors on OnePlus One, and you can adhere a microfiber cloth to the flip cover for cleaning the screen every time.

Back cover

If you want the Sandstone Black cover or, Silk White of OnePlus One to remain and look new always, just wipe it with the help of a damp paper towel or washcloth.

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