She was only featured in the season three trailer for Netflix's Orange Is The New Black for a second, but that charismatic wink that she gave Taylor Schilling's character Piper in the sneak peek soon sparked speculation as to who this mysterious new character was – and who was the actress playing her?

It was swiftly revealed that new inmate Stella Carlin was set to be a love interest who would form some kind of love triangle with Piper and ex-girlfriend Alex (Laura Prepon), which got people's attention even more.

Now that the third series has been released onto the streaming site – with many fans having binge-watched the whole thing over the weekend (13-14 June) – everybody's talking about Litchfield's latest addition, or as she's better known in real life, Ruby Rose.

As Rose begins to catapult into super-stardom thanks to the hugely successful show, IBTimes UK offers up a low-down of all things Rose and what she's really like outside of the penitentiary...

She was born in Australia.

Rose was born to single mother and artist in March 1986 and has since lived all around the country including rural Victoria, Tasmania and Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast before settling in Melbourne.

Coming second in a modelling competition with Girlfriend magazine propelled her into the limelight.

In 2002, Girlfriend magazine collaborated with make-up brand Rimmel to search for a new upcoming model that they could shape into a star.

Rose came second to Catherine McNeil, to whom she was later engaged to but the pair have since broken up.

She once worked as an MTV VJ.

Following her stint on the modelling competition, she beat 2,000 hopefuls to land a presenting job with MTV in Australia.

As part of the contest, she had to do tasks such as down 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes against Jackass star Bam Margera and kiss a number of strangers on a busy Sydney high street.

She reportedly enjoyed working at the network, saying of her time there: "Being a model there is always something they want to change. Whether they want someone a little bit skinnier, a little bit taller, a little bit prettier, but MTV want you to be yourself ... not censoring anything and not conforming to anything."

Her fiancée is author Roald Dahl's granddaughter, Phoebe.

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The pair have both been quoted in interviews saying that they felt a connection with each other instantly when they met in February 2014, despite the fact that Rose was in a relationship at the time.

Rose later confessed that she broke up with her girlfriend that same night and went on to ask American designer Dahl to be her girlfriend a couple of days after.

The two got engaged just three months later, when Dahl reportedly broke into her house at 6am one morning with flowers and popped the question.

Dahl is also the cousin of author and former fashion model Sophie Dahl.

She doesn't take herself too seriously.

Yes. What of it. Repost @juiceecat

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Rose often posts images on her personal Instagram account that mock her appearance or something that she did recently.

In 2014, she made and starred in a powerful short film about gender fluidity.

Feeling inspired after a director told her she looked "too much like Justin Bieber" to play the "sexy girl" in his upcoming action movie in the summer of last year, Rose set out to make a video expressing the concept of gender fluidity.

The five-minute short film depicts her stripping herself of her glammed-up look and blonde wig, to become a James Dean-esque drag king.

"So this video is talking about how as soon as I get to take that hair off, and as soon as I get to take that makeup off, and as soon as I get to be 100% what I would be, which is definitely more boyish, I'm just freer and I'm happy," she told Vanity Fair in June 2015.

Alongside being a DJ, she's also a professional model – but doesn't see herself that way.

Currently the face of Maybelline New York in Australia, Rose has worked on some seriously high profile modelling jobs with the likes of Vogue, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Nylon and New York's Inked Magazine.

But she doesn't necessarily consider herself a model despite all the work she does with the fashion industry. When Rolling Stone magazine called her a model in a recent interview, she scoffed: "I don't think of myself as a model. I'm genderqueer, and I've got tattoos."

She's an animal lover and a strong campaigner of animal rights and adoption.

Family portrait with my son

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Rose and her fiancée have adopted several animals over their year of being together. Rose had dog, Ru from before their relationship began and often confesses her love for her pooch on her Instagram.

An undeniable haircut addict, Rose loves experimenting with her look.

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Rose seems to change her daringly short hairstyles daily, always uploading a new look onto her social media account after she switches things up a little.

She has a LOT of celebrity lookalikes.

She constantly jokes over social media about how much she resembles pop sensation Bieber and often details in interviews how many young children approach her in public thinking that she is actually the Baby singer.

But it's not just Bieber that Rose (and her fans) thinks she looks like. She also frequently makes innocent digs about herself over the fact that she's also a doppelganger for Angelina Jolie and a young Leonardo DiCaprio too.

In 2013, she predicted she would be in Orange Is The New Black before she was cast on the show.

Little did she know that over a year later, she would in fact feature in season three. Spooky right?

She's not all that similar to her character, Stella.

Talking to Vanity Fair about her upcoming involvement on the hugely popular show, Rose said that while she's "very similar" to character Stella Carlin "physically and mannerisms-wise", they're not alike in personality.

"Stella's very androgynous and comfortable in her skin. But I have insecurities, and I get shy, nervous. Whereas Stella doesn't really give a f***."

She hangs out with the cast of OITNB... a lot.

Since filming began on season 3 of Netflix Original Orange Is The New Black, Rose has posted countless photographs of herself mingling with the regular cast members.

The third season of Orange Is The New Black is currently streaming on Netflix.