The CW has released the official synopsis of The Originals season 3 finale episode, which teases an epic showdown between the Mikaelson siblings and super-vampire, Lucien. Episode 22 is titled, The Bloody Crown, which will air 20 May at 9pm EST on The CW.

Here is the full synopsis of the finale episode:

In the previous episode of The Originals, Camille O'Connell succumbed to Lucien's lethal bite. After a lengthy tearful goodbye with Klaus, she died in his arms. Also, Kol, being forced by the ancestors magic, killed Davina in the end moments of the episode. The highlight of the episode was some romantic moments between Klaus and Cami, which brought out the long lost humanity in the Hybrid, thereby making their love story immortal.

Leah Pipes spoke about Cami's farewell in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. She said, "I luckily have a really great open dialogue with both of the executive producers, but especially Michael Narducci, so at the very beginning of the season, he was very open with me about Cami's storyline potentially ending in death, but he promised it would be a good death."

"Often times, it's oddly better to die than stick around and do nothing on a television show, so to avoid me being stuck on a show and doing nothing, he gave me a really great storyline, a really great arc, and a really great death, " Pipes added.

With Cami dead, Klaus will be out for revenge. To know how the season unfolds, do not miss the last few episodes of The Originals season 3 on The CW.