Vrogros, the Underlord (PItlord)
Vrogros, the Underlord - revealed at TI6 Valve

Azgalor, the Pit Lord is a classic hero from the original Dota custom map in WarCraft 3. Having been in the works since 2012, fans of Dota 2 have now been given their first look at the spiritual successor - Vrogros, the Underlord.

The brand new hero will arrive on 23 August, alongside a post-game UI overhaul.

The Underlord will be familiar to veterans, as a strength melee support hero that can turn the tide of battles with his variety of debuffs and disable spells and auras. His ultimate ability allows the devious execution of traps and surprise attacks that can quickly alter the flow of a game.

Underlord was revealed during a fun 10 vs 10 battle toward the close of day 4 of the The International 2016 tournament (11 August), much to the delight of the crowd. Check out the glorious moment below.

As we head into the final matches of this year's premier Dota 2 tournament, The International 2016, on Friday and Saturday (12-13 August), the stakes have never been higher, and the winning team will walk away with the biggest prize in eSport history.

The prize pool has topped last year's record of $18,429,613.05 (£12.7m). At the time of writing the current prize pool is sitting at just over $20.4m.

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