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The evil side of Gen 4's 'lunar duo' of pokemon, Darkrai Screenshot

It might be getting brighter outside, but the darkness is rolling into the world of Nintendo's pocket monsters, as the "pitch-black" Pokémon Darkrai re-emerges in a timed event for Pokémon X and Y and Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

We are now almost halfway through the year-long celebration of the Pokémon franchises's 20th Anniversary, and each month developer Game Freak is redistributing some of the rarest, event-exclusive Pokémon created over the past two decades.

Unlike the Jirachi distribution which was free to grab via a straight download on the 'Gen 6' games, Darkrai is exclusive to Game UK retail stores in the UK until 24 May, 2016 and is obtainable from unique serial codes given out by store staff (note: usually you need a Game Rewards Card and some stores may not be included).

Once you have a code then you need to follow these steps:

US Poké-fans will need to make their way into GameStop stores. For code distributions throughout the rest of Europe check out the full list of participating regional stores at Serebii, although wherever you do get your code from you'll need to make sure you claim it in-game before the expiry-date of 31 August, 2016.

Darkrai best nature, IVs moves and hidden ability

If you are simply happy to have a Darkrai you can call your own then this isn't really necessary, but for pro-trainers looking for a dream-eater capable of holding its own in competitive battles make sure you check the Pokémon's stats before saving.

The Darkrai you receive will be at level 100 and will know the moves Ominous Wind, Nightmare, Feint Attack and the Pokémon's sleep-inducing signature move Dark Void. Most battlers choose to replace all but the sleep-inducing latter move, with the same type ability (STAB) Dark Pulse and coverage moves such as Sludge Bomb, Ice Beam and Thunder. Nasty Plot is also an option for raising that monstrous special attack stat even further.

Nature and IV-wise you want to be focusing on its main strengths – high special attack and speed. Timid is easily the best choice, as it turns Darkrai into a swift, explosive lead in your party.

Darkrai's ability is already pre-set so don't bother resetting in the hopes for a hidden one. Bad Dreams has superb synergy with Dark Void, as it deals 12.5% damage each turn for those inflicted with the Sleep status.

Next month it's the turn of the wide-eyed aquatic creature Manaphy, a slightly less exciting prospect than the last few giveaways, but a rare pokémon all the same which IBTimes UK will keep an eye out for come June.

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