Pokemon Sun Moon 3DS
The leaked logos for Pokémon Sun and Moon. Nintendo

Trademarks filed by Nintendo have revealed the existence of the next two major games in the Pokémon series. Sun and Moon are likely to be announced tomorrow (26 February) during Nintendo's online Pokémon Direct event.

The trademarks for Sun and Moon were discovered on the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market's (OHIM) website, which is an agency of the European Union, and were filed on 25 February. The listings include the games' logos, shown above.

Nintendo has yet to officially confirm the existence of the two games.

The leak comes ahead of the series' 20th anniversary, which falls on Saturday 27 February and will be celebrated with the digital re-release of the original Red, Blue and Yellow GameBoy games on Nintendo 3DS.

It has been three years since Nintendo released Pokémon X and Y - which marked a major shift for the series and brought in a litany of changes. We'll find out more about what Sun and Moon offer tomorrow, during Nintendo's broadcast, which had been expected to include the announcement of a new game.

IBTimes UK has also been celebrating the anniversary. Our first feature looks at the best designs from each of the six generations of Pokémon that have so far been released.

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