The police stormed into Johnny Depp's Hollywood Hills mansion on Thursday in response to a call about an intruder from his neighbour and his security team.

The cops were first called to check on a homeless man hanging out in the neighbour's backyard near the pool. The man reportedly took off and jumped a gate when confronted and ended up trespassing into the actor's home.

Sources for TMZ revealed that the police were again called by Depp's security team over an intruder in his house. They got to the scene and found the man taking a shower in one of the bathrooms. He reportedly refused to come out so the police had to kick the door down in order to arrest him.

Aside from the shower, the intruder also made himself a drink in the actor's in-house bar. Law enforcement sources revealed that the man broke one of the doors in the mansion to get inside. He is now booked for felony vandalism over the damaged door.

It is unclear if the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star was at home when the incident happened. However, this is not the first time that his Hollywood Hills mansion became a target for intruders. A woman also attempted to rob his house earlier in January this year. But she tripped the alarm system on her way in, which then alerted the authorities.

The woman, who was possibly homeless, made a run for it before the cops arrived. She was later arrested when she was found hanging around nearby. The police identified her and connected her to another recent burglary. Thankfully, the 57-year-old "City of Lies" star was not around when the break-in happened.

Meanwhile, Depp appeared in the Court of Appeal recently to request a re-trial on his libel suit against The Sun. His legal team provided "fresh evidence" to disprove his ex-wife Amber Heard as a reliable witness on the ground that she lied about donating the entirety of her divorce settlement to charity. His lawyer believes that this evidence could turn the tide in the court's ruling.

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