A man shot dead by police near Portishead in Somerset on Wednesday 27 September has been named by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) as 29-year-old Spencer Ashworth. The IPCC is investigating the circumstances around Ashworth's death after he was shot around 9:30am by Avon and Somerset firearms officers.

Initial information provided by the IPCC said police had responded to reports of a man with a handgun who had also threatened another motorist. It also added there was another similar report received by West Mercia Police.

The IPCC said that initial evidence suggested that Ashworth was shot at by four officers up to "10 times" who arrived in one marked and two unmarked police cars. Ashworth had been travelling in a red Suzuki Swift stopped by police.

A firearm which "appears to be" non-police issue was found at the scene, investigators said, adding that it was now the subject of ballistics and forensic testing. Investigators are also examining bodycam footage from a number of officers at the scene.

A post-mortem found that Ashworth died of gunshot injuries.

IPCC Operations Manager Mel Evans said: "We are conducting a thorough and detailed independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mr Ashworth's death. We have made positive progress and are continuing to build a detailed picture of what happened.

"We have made contact with Mr Ashworth's family to offer our condolences and explain our role and will ensure they, Avon and Somerset Police and the Coroner are kept updated as the investigation continues. Our thoughts remain with all of those affected.

"If anyone witnessed events who has not yet come forward we would be grateful to hear from them."

According to the Guardian, witnesses have given different accounts of how many shots were fired. Motorist David Ellison said: "Ahead of me were police in the road. I saw them back off from a car and then they surrounded it. They maybe shot with handguns five, six, maybe 10 times. Then they dragged a man from the car to resuscitate him."