Pretty Little Liars Season 6
Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna look scared and shattered in the Pretty Little Liars season 6 promo ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars season 6 is just a couple of days away from its grand premiere. The liars Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna along with Mona will have to bear the burnt of Charles' grudge as they try to escape the creepy dollhouse in the season 5 finale.

The promo had already shown the masked villain of Rosewood letting the girls freeze in the cold while they're still trapped in the courtyard surrounded by an electric fence.

But a new teaser released by the ABC Family reveals that one month has passed since the kidnapping of the girls and the police are looking for Andrew Campbell as a prime suspect in the case, while Alison has been released from jail as her murder convictions have been overturned.

Meanwhile, Andrew has emerged as the real 'A' as he remains missing since the liars were kidnapped in the PLL season 5 finale, hinting that he must have some connection to the entire kidnapping drama of the girls.

But actress Janel Parrish hints that this is nothing in comparison to what her character Mona and the other liars will face in the premiere episode tilted Game On Charles.

Parris also reveals that the hooded tormentor will torture each girl separately in the most monstrous way which will leave a long-lasting impact on them physically and mentally.

"Every girl gets a different type of torture that, again, you'll find out more about as the season goes on, but it's dark - it's really dark. It kind of reminds me a little bit of Saw. The puppet-master plays these games with them, and if they do something wrong - they're punished," Parris told Entertainment Tonight.

The upcoming season will be rich in revelations about the hooded villain and why he is holding a grudge against Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna but still having a soft corner for Alison who was never harmed by him.

Parris believes that season 6 of the teen mystery drama will be the "darkest season ever."

"I think the [fans] need to be prepared that it's going to be a darker season than we've had in a really... I think it might be our darkest season ever, actually! Basically what we're dealing with is a very, very angry Charles and the season starts right where we left off: We are still trapped in that horrible, horrible dollhouse. We will get out at some point, but when we do we will have some serious, serious emotional scars."

Meanwhile, Sasha Pieterse, who plays Alison, has confirmed that Charles is part of the DiLaurentis family, but her character has no idea about the identity of the kidnapper.

"I can definitely confirm that Charles is part of the DiLaurentis family, but I cannot tell you where in the family tree that he is placed. But it's very interesting, when the girls come back and tell Alison who A is, she has no idea who Charles is. In fact there's just a lot of family issues, questions, everything about her family, and why she wasn't told about Charles," Pieterse told Seventeen Magazine‎.

PLL's season 6 premiere will pick up right from where the finale of season 5 left off, with the girls finding themselves trapped in the courtyard surrounded by an electric fence.

Pretty Little Liars season 6's premiere episode is titled Game On Charles and will air on 2 June on ABC Family.