Prince Andrew is plotting a luxury exile in the Middle East because he fears his ties to late paedophile Jeffrey Epstein may make him a wanted man, and he is desperate to hunker down in a sumptuous safe haven in Bahrain, a new report claimed.

Sources told National Enquirer, in its latest edition, that Prince Andrew fears new criminal charges. An unnamed insider told the entertainment news outlet, "Andrew believes he will be treated like a king there."

It added, "He's close friends with the Arab state's royals – and they have deep pockets that can help him finance a whole new lavish lifestyle. But more important, he will be safe there since Bahrain has no extradition treaty with either the United States or the U.K.!"

National Enquirer previously reported that Prince Andrew was hauled to court by Epstein's sex slave Virginia Giuffre, who accused him of raping her when she was a teen. The "tarnished troublemaker" denied her charges but agreed to a multimillion-dollar payoff in February.

Informants claimed that the settlement horrified King Charles III and Prince William. The Virginia Giuffre scandal caused Prince Andrew to be barred and stripped of his public paychecks by his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Now, palace tipsters stated that the new British monarch left his controversial brother in tears by rejecting his pleas for a public comeback and banished him to the Bahamas!

However, the palace courtier suggested that Prince Andrew is terrified he could be exposed to criminal charges if Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's madam, confesses all she knows about the s*x freak financier and his rich and powerful pals. So, the tattler charged the rogue royal plans to defy King Charles III's mandate to head to the Caribbean.

The mole added, "He secretly flew to Bahrain last month on a Swiss billionaire's private jet and stayed at a $10,000-a-night hotel with all expenses paid by the Bahrain royals. Andrew's just landed himself in another mess by colluding with a nation accused of violence, extreme interrogation tactics and [the] use of torture. He's become a dangerous loose cannon who could destroy the monarchy with yet another humiliating scandal!"

Prince Andrew has yet to comment on the claims that he is fleeing to Bahrain, which does not extradite to U.S. or Britain. So, devoted followers of King Charles III's brother should take all these speculations with a pinch of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew has said he regrets his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Photo: AFP / JOHN THYS