Britain's Prince Harry walks outside the High Court, in London
The Duke of Sussex Prince Harry Reuters

Prince Harry is being criticised over the appearance of his mysteriously dark, thick hair in his new profile photo for BetterUp. Netizens pointed out the difference from the thinning hair he sported during a visit to Tokyo and Singapore earlier this month.

One royal watcher pointed out the difference on X formerly Twitter by comparing the royal's head shot on BetterUp's website to a photo taken from his appearance at the Sentebale ISPS Handa Polo Cup in Singapore on Aug. 11. The user wrote, "The mystery of #PrinceHarry & his 'Spare Hair'."

Another replied that the Duke of Sussex probably used spray on his hair to make them look thicker and darker. The user commented on the post, "Covers up bald patches for men etc. I suspect a hairdresser has done this, toned down his hair and filled in the gap. Not that we would have guessed."

Meanwhile, Royal News Network tweeted that Prince Harry's new photo on BetterUp does not deny the fact that he is "balding, badly." The user wrote, "I don't make it a habit to discuss people's looks, but Harry started it by making fun of his brother for the same."

"He's not fooling anyone anymore, and the denial of the obvious is not doing him any favors. His brother accepted his hair loss with dignity, despite his brother's jokes at his expense. Harry now looks like the fool, again, for refusing to accept that he's not 25 anymore and needs a different haircut that works with his hair loss."

Prince Harry and Prince William have the baldness gene, which they inherited from their father's side. Prince Philip passed it down to King Charles III and he to his sons. The Prince of Wales started losing his hair earlier than his younger sibling.

The Duke of Sussex commented on his brother's baldness in his memoir "Spare." He recalled meeting him in 2021 where he took in his sibling's familiar scowl and "his alarming baldness" which he noted was more advanced than his own.

But hair loss consultant and SpexHair chief Spencer Stevenson advised the duke earlier this year to get proven treatment for his hair before he becomes completely bald in three years. He pointed out that Prince Harry has "very, very thin" hair on top and is "essentially bald in the crown area" adding that the duke will "regret" poking fun at Prince William's baldness and that it is going to "come back and haunt him" unless he does something about his own hair.