It is said that the royals are already shaking with worry over what Prince Harry could say in his memoir. But on his end, a royal biographer claimed that he does not mind hurting people he cares about with whatever is in the book.

Reports of a delay in the release of the memoir have people speculating that it is probably controversial and damaging to the reputation of the royals. There are concerns that the Duke of Sussex could vent his anger at his stepmother, Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall because he still believes she broke his parents' marriage. He could allegedly also attack Prince Charles for letting him suffer growing up.

According to royal author Angela Levin, the 37-year-old has the power to paint his family in a negative light with his memoir. Discussing the book on the "Palace Confidential" podcast she said, "I think he really wants to show his power over William because he was fed up with being the spare rather than the heir. I think he's got a lot of poison running in his blood now about what he feels about his background and his family."

The biographer, who wrote "Harry: A Biography of a Prince," thinks that the Duke of Sussex "doesn't mind if he hurts people because he feels that he has been hurt by them."

Prince Harry said he wrote his memoir not as the prince he was born but as the man he has become. He announced that it will contain wholly truthful accounts of his life and the lessons he learned.

His publisher, Penguin Random House, initially announced that it will hit shelves in the fall. But it is not on its list of upcoming books. Sources claimed that it has been delayed to a Thanksgiving or Christmas release instead.

Levin's claims that Prince Harry would not mind hurting people with his memoir contradict what royal biographer Tina Brown said. She believes that the duke will not write anything that could harm or negatively impact Queen Elizabeth II because he loves and respects her too much to do that. But she claimed that it is likely he will target Camilla, Prince Charles, and Prince William.

British royal family at Commonwealth Day service
There were reports of splits within the royal family, and a growing rift between Harry and William. Photo: POOL / Phil Harris