The Duke of Sussex Prince Harry in Austin, Texas
Prince Harry appeared happy as he was pictured here during his solo visit to the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas on October 21, 2023. Photo: Formula 1/X Formula 1/X

Prince Harry's solo visit to the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas for the U.S. Grand Prix once again stirred speculations of troubles in his marriage with Meghan Markle. But a relationship expert said the trip does not necessarily mean there is tension and may have very well been supported by his wife.

The Duke of Sussex appeared in good spirts as he smiled and waved at fans and chatted excitedly with the Mercedes team during the visit on Saturday, October 21. But royal followers wondered why his wife Meghan Markle did not join him. According to relationship expert Louella Alderson, his solo trip does not bode well for the couple amid claims there is tension in their marriage.

She told the Mirror: "Given the recent reports of tension between Harry and Meghan during their trip to the Caribbean, some may view this as a sign of further strain in their relationship. It's possible that Harry wanted some time alone to clear his mind and decompress from any tension or stress within their marriage."

She added that if the Sussexes "are going through a challenging time, it's important for them to take care of themselves individually and as a couple." However, Alderson also pointed out that the time apart is not necessarily something that should cause worry.

"Harry's solo trip to the U.S. Grand Prix could be interpreted in different ways. It's possible that Meghan chose not to join him because she wasn't interested in the event or had other plans," she explained adding that the duchess may have different hobbies which she said is "healthy for them to pursue individually".

She also suggested that Meghan Markle "may have stayed home to spend time with their children" Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet after they both spent time away in the Caribbean. Alderson, who co-founded the So Sync dating app, pointed out that as parents, it is important for them "to take turns in taking care of their children and giving each other a break".

She said it is likely that the duchess wanted to give her husband "some time to himself to enjoy the race without any distractions or responsibilities". Alderson also suggested that Prince Harry's visit to the race track could have been work-related as he was with the Mercedes team. It could be that Meghan Markle "stayed back to give him space to focus and do his job without any additional distractions". The expert said the couple "will be aware that their actions and presence together can attract a lot of attention, so it's possible that they make conscious decisions to give each other space and privacy when it comes to work commitments".