Prince Harry is said to be embarrassed after Sasha Walpole identified herself as the "older woman" who stole his virginity when he was a teenager.

The 40-year-old digger driver broke her silence after the Duke of Sussex briefly mentioned how he lost his virginity in his memoir "Spare." Although he did not mention any names, the former Hargrove stable girl said she took his virginity on her 19th birthday.

Now, Prince Harry is reportedly embarrassed about the story after Walpole went on several interviews to share her side of the story. US Weekly claimed that he wants nothing more than to have it die down soon and cited a source who said, "It's a little embarrassing. It just is what it is, and he figures this will all die down and go away soon enough."

The insider added that the 38-year-old "lost contact" with Walpole not because of "any ill feeling or excessive awkwardness." But because "they were just busy doing their own thing and lost touch as people tend to do, especially at that age."

Walpole said the romp happened for just five minutes. She also claimed to have kept this episode in her life a secret for 21 years and only decided to come forward after reading about it in "Spare."

She said she wanted to tell her side of the story to put an end to speculations about the identity of the woman. But netizens have since slammed her for trying to get her 15 minutes of fame since the Duke of Sussex never dropped any names.

Former Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona accused Walpole of milking the story in her column for OK!. She admitted that she is fuming and wrote, "Seeing Sasha Walpole, the woman who took Prince Harry's virginity in a field, speak out in interviews has infuriated me. She claims her privacy has been breached following the publication of his book, 'Spare'. Nobody would have known who you were if you hadn't revealed yourself, sweetheart!" She said she has "no sympathy" for Walpole because "chances are she's been paid a decent sum of money and she's milking it."

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