Britain's Prince Harry walks outside the High Court, in London
Prince Harry, seen here outside London's High Court, will face a mid-life crisis in 2024 says astrologer Debbie Frank. Reuters

This year Prince Harry will start to question the direction his life is taking, which could prompt a move with his family out of their Montecito mansion, according to astrologer Debbie Frank.

Frank, a former confidante and close friend of Princess Diana, said the 39-year-old "feels restless and longing for a fresh start". This could mean "upping sticks again with his family and doing what the royal family least expects".

She told Hello! magazine: "April is Harry's bombshell month. Jupiter and Uranus move across his Moon, triggering a shockwave that takes Harry out of the nest he's cultivated in Montecito."

Frank added: "His Moon is placed in stability-loving Taurus and as the last few years have rocked the boat of his emotional security, he's going to take things to the next level this time. Jupiter and Uranus stage an ambush that thrusts him centre stage."

She continued: "It changes things within the nuclear family and also in the wider one, enabling him to alter the set-up or setting. A move to a new home and/or a new place within or outside of the house of Windsor? The lunar eclipse on September 18 close to Harry's birthday completes this outlook."

Frank said Prince Harry, who turns 40 years old on September 15, will also experience a mid-life crisis in 2024, "causing him to question the direction his life is taking and re-aligning him with what feels relevant for his second half".

She said the year starts with him "engaged in some of his old battles as Saturn opposes his Mercury and squares off to his Mars". She relates it to the duke's "prolonged fight with the media" in his "attempt to establish boundaries and exact retribution".

"As Saturn is a relentlessly heavy-going influence, any kind of war is going to feel exhausting. So even if he wins, it's at a heavy price," Frank noted.

Prince Harry currently lives with Meghan Markle and their two children, Prince Archie, four, and Princess Lilibet, two, in their Montecito mansion in Santa Barbara, California. He has been vocal in his desire to bring his family to his home country in the U.K. However, he is also hesitant as he fears he would only risk their safety given the lack of security provided during visits.

He and his wife lost their taxpayer-funded security following their departure from their royal roles in 2020. Prince Harry is currently in a legal bind with the Home Office to allow him to personally fund for his and his family's police protection while in the country. Frank's predictions somehow align with those from celebrity astrologer Susan Miller. She said the year 2024 will make Prince Harry miss his old active life back in London.