The highly anticipated memoir of Prince Harry promises to be the "most devastating royal release" since Andrew Morton's bombshell book about Princess Diana, a royal commentator claimed.

Royal expert Daniel Elser commented on the upcoming publication of Prince Harry's book. She said, "If even a small percentage of the speculation about what he might reveal and what dirt he might dish is correct, this book is shaping up to be the most devastating royal release in 30 years, and since Diana, Princess of Wales started whispering in the ear of Andrew Morton."

Most, if not all, followers of the royal family are aware that the British journalist wrote, in 1992, a shocking account of the breakdown in the marriage between the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles. The "Diana: Her True Story" book laid bare the deep marital issues the parents of Prince Harry had and even touched on infidelity allegations.

Princess Diana divulged, soon after publication, that she had encouraged pals to speak to Andrew Morton for the book. However, it was only after her untimely death that the royal author revealed that Prince Harry's mom had been the primary source for the tale.

A new version of the book was published and included a transcript of tape recordings the late Princess Diana made for Andrew Morton. In them, the mother of Prince Harry detailed her battle with her mental health and bulimia and her feelings towards Camilla Parker-Bowles, who was said to be the third party in her marriage to Prince Charles.

Thirty years since the publication of "Diana: Her True Story" book, the royals and their supporters are reportedly bracing themselves for potential fresh allegations of Prince Harry against his own family.

Experts suggested that Prince Harry might choose to reveal the identity of the alleged "royal racist." To recall, the brother of Prince William and Meghan Markle had faced a series of uncomfortable conversations about the skin colour of their first child, Archie.

Though Prince Harry previously claimed that it was a conversation he was "never going to share," royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams has suggested otherwise. "He's said that he won't name the [alleged] royal racist," he said.

Sources report that the upcoming memoir of Prince Harry would likely be out by the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays – putting the release date possibly in late November 2022.

Prince Harry
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