The line of royal succession changed following Queen Elizabeth II's death. Charles is now the sovereign and has become King Charles III, while William is now the new Prince of Wales.

The current line of succession is now (1) The Prince of Wales, (2). Prince George of Wales, (3) Princess Charlotte of Wales, (4) Prince Louis of Wales, and (5) The Duke of Sussex. This is determined by descent, gender, legitimacy, and religion.

Prince Harry is fifth in line for the throne, right after Prince William's children. However, Harry would be tasked to act as regent until George reaches 18 should anything happen to King Charles III and William.

Royal experts now claim that Prince William and Prince Harry, who were only recently reunited in this time of mourning, can never fly on a plane together again for a "strong constitutional reason."

"There is a strong constitutional reason that William and Harry do not fly together - and that is to do with the line of succession. Royal aides have to consider everything, and this is very likely to have been a factor. While events happened very quickly, they have had years to plan for all eventualities, " said constitutional expert and royal author Brian Hoey.

He continued, "The speed of events caught everyone off-guard and could have affected travel plans - but it still would have been unwise for William and Harry to fly together. I don't think we will see them fly together again for constitutional reasons."

Should an accident befall both the two Princes and the King, Prince Andrew, currently eighth in line to the throne, would be next in line to become regent.

Prince Harry and Meghan's children, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor and Lilibet "Lili" Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, are also in line to get new titles. Archie may assume the new title of Prince Archie of Sussex, while his sister Lili would be Princess Lili of Sussex.

Prince Harry and Prince William
Prince Harry and Prince William Getty Images/Gareth Fuller