When Princess Beatrice was born, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson had picked a name for their firstborn daughter. However, Queen Elizabeth II wasn't too happy with the name and suggested an alternative name.

The Duke and Duchess of York welcomed their firstborn daughter in August 1988. It took two weeks for Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson to formally announce her name. This was because Queen Elizabeth II didn't like the new parents' first choice, according to the Mirror.

The duchess wanted to name her daughter Princess Annabel, but the British monarch's reportedly thought that the name was too "yuppie". But, she suggested an alternative name for her new born granddaughter "Beatrice". Queen Victoria's youngest daughter's name was Beatrice.

Princess Beatrice's full name is Beatrice Elizabeth Mary. Her middle names pay tribute to her grandmother and great-grandmother Queen Mother. The members of the British royal family are known for picking sentimental names for their children,.

Members of the royal family always take a few days before sharing the name they have picked for their new born babies, keeping the bookies busy. When it is picking a moniker for the would-be king or queen, it gets even difficult. In such cases, there are also a few royal traditions they must follow before they can tell the world. But, before telling the world, the queen has to be told about the choice of name to check is she is happy with it.

The queen apparently was happy with the names of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis and Archie Harrison. The Cambridge children have family tributes in their monikers, choosing sentimental names for their children.

George's full name is George Alexander Louis. His first name is a tribute to his father Prince William's great-grandfather King George VI. Charlotte's full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, which gives a nod to both the queen and her grandmother Princess Diana.

Princess Beatrice of York
Princess Beatrice wore Jonathan Saunders in Berlin. https://twitter.com/HRHkateadd

Louis is a tribute to Lord Louis Mountbatten, the Duke of Edinburgh's uncle and the last British Viceroy of India before independence in 1947. His full name is Louis Arthur Charles. His middle names are Arthur, which he shares with his father and Charles, after the Prince of Wales.