Simone Simmons, a former close friend of Princess Diana, shared her anger and disgust at the portrayal of the royal in the controversial Netflix series "The Crown." She especially blasted the show's creators for agreeing to reenact the moments before and after the princess died in a car crash in Paris.

Simmons, a psychic who used to regularly work with the late Princess of Wales, called the show "disgusting and sick." She slammed its creators for being "cruel, sadistic, and wicked people to recreate these moments. They are the lowest of the low."

She told The Sun, "They are rewriting history as they go along and that's what makes me very angry. Netflix are deliberately reviving the most painful time in the boys' [Prince William and Prince Harry] lives."

"It's forcing them to relive the pain, agony, and psychological torment they suffered when their mother died. I think it's disgusting and sick. Why are they setting out to upset William and Harry?" she added.

Simone continued, "The makers of this programme do not care about the heir to the throne and everything he has been through. Why do these callous, insensitive people feel the need to recreate that horrible day? They are going out of their way to hurt the Royal Family."

The said scenes will play out in Season 6 of "The Crown." A production source confirmed that the actual car crash that led to Princess Diana's death will not be reenacted, but just the before and after events.

The insider told Deadline, "We've been dreading getting to this point. The countdown is two weeks and while we're calmly carrying on it's fair to acknowledge that there's a certain anxiety; a palpable sense of being slightly on edge. I mean, there's bombshell sensitivity surrounding this one."

The source confirmed that the events shown will be the "run-up: the car leaving The Ritz after midnight with paparazzi in pursuit and then the aftermath with the British Ambassador to France swinging into action with the Foreign Office and then the subsequent constitutional aftermath."

Meanwhile, ahead of the release of Season 6, viewers are anticipating the return of "The Crown" Season 5 on Nov. 9. The season will revolve around what the late Queen Elizabeth II referred to as her "annus horribilis" of 1992, which saw the fire at Windsor Castle and the breakdown of the marriages of her children.

Princess Diana
31 August 1997: CCTV video footage shows Princess Diana, Dodi al-Fayed and their driver Henri Paul moments before their tragic car crash in Paris Reuters