Project Ascension unveils open source game launcher
Project Ascension has unveiled the user interface for its open source game launcher, which will enable users to launch, download and buy games and add-ons from Steam, Origin, GOG and uPlay in one place Project Ascension

Forget about having multiple game launcher clients slowing down your computer – a community born on Reddit wants to unify all the popular game launchers into one multi-platform launcher.

Project Ascension started as a community discussion on social bookmarking website Reddit in April, when users complained that they were tired of having many different game launcher ecosystems, such as Steam, Origin, GOG and uPlay.

Instead, users wished they had a way to buy and download new games, add-ons and game mods from a single place. Interest in the project became so big that the project garnered its own subreddit section, where work began.

On Friday 3 July, Project Ascension released a new video showing what the user interface of the new open source game launcher will look like. Similar to Steam, the new game launcher will enable users to sign in with their Facebook or Google+ social media accounts, so that they can share their activities with friends.

According to David F., the project lead on Project Ascension who goes by the username TheDarocker on Reddit, the next step will be for the client development team to develop the launcher using the chosen user interface.

The team currently plans to make an open beta version available in Autumn 2015.

When the project first started on Reddit, the said they wanted to make an open source game launcher as they were annoyed with Steam's monopoly over PC gaming, which requires users to use the launcher to download all games, thus deterring game piracy.

There was also controversy over a move by Steam to allow mod makers to charge a price for the items they created, an initiative quickly withdrawn.

However, Project Ascension has clarified that they do not want to challenge any existing game launchers.

"We aren't trying to replace other stores like Steam, Origin or uPlay, but are trying to promote competition through the unification of those storefronts and others, ultimately making it better for the consumer," David told IBTimes UK.

"The objective was simple: stay on bleeding edge of design while still keeping things familiar, friendly, and pleasing to the eye. With the sleek minimalist design and customisable accents, the team has not only given the launcher its own distinctive look, but one that can be moulded to the user's choosing."